Spring Training Brings Despair, Indifference for Lowest Earning Major League Baseball Teams

Friday, February 26, 2010

PEORIA, AZ -- Because of the ever-widening payroll gap in Major League Baseball, fans in Kansas City and other small-market cities see their spring training practice facilities here in sunny Arizona just a little cloudier than the rest. "Every Royals fan dreads spring training, and honestly, the team hates it, too," said Kansas City Royals GM Dayton Moore. Despite a historically bad Royals roster -- the league's worst statistically-ranked starting shortstop, a 35-year-old starting catcher who last year batted the league's lowest slugging percentage, and Major League Baseball's first ever legally blind right fielder -- there is still reason for optimism according to the general manager of the Kansas City Royals. "Even though we've got a little over one month to opening day and we're already in last place in the AL Central, a position we're unlikely to climb out of, there is something for us to look forward to," continued Moore. "There's only about two months until the NFL draft, and the Kansas City Chiefs are going to be big players on draft day. Man, now that's a well-run organization right there. I'm definitely looking forward to the Chiefs 2010 season, as are all Kansas City Royals fans, I'm sure."