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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dear ESPN.com Article Comment Thread,
I was recently fired from my job over what all my close friends agreed were egregious circumstances. Since my dismissal from the company, they have been in contact with me claiming to be sympathetic and offering to give me a positive reference. I'd like to take the positive reference into my next interview, but I just don't trust them given the way in which I was let go from the company -- should I use them as a reference?
-- Fired In Philly

Dear Fired,
nastyrasty212: Records were made to be BROKEN........ sooner or later Romo's numbers will be a thing of da past........ As for HOMO........ I MEAN ROMO........  He will be remembered as the QB who couldn't get over da hump to win a SB........ He will be sitting right next to DAN MARINOo........ At least Dan got to experiance a SuperBowl........

bel-air-prince: ^ amen brother

hoot&aHALF82: LMFAO! He'll be sitting right next to Marino? I'm sure Romo would take that kind of company. You really are a tool.

ShakeWeightSpeare: Dan Marino will say this is the runner up ring to a SB What Did You Get Romo I don't have one Never The Less I was known as Nomo Chokemo & Blowmo in the NFL I once was a QB for the Dallas Cowboys but we didn't get to a SB I once had records but now there al broken Awwwwwww dont cry Romo its only a game SHAKE IT OUT

Dear ESPN.com Article Comment Thread,
My wife and I are looking into buying our first house. We're very happy living in Chicago and are excited about raising our newborn son here, but recently my mother-in-law has began to drop hints that she wishes we would move closer to her so she could see her grandchild. I've subtlety dropped hints back that we're not moving, but she's becoming more persistent, how can we let her down easy?
-- Staying Put In Puget Sound

Dear Staying Put,

DblDare2000: Basically raiders vs Bronchoes this week will go like this Oak 31 Denver 10 and Tebow gets removed at half for quinn and he gets the 10 points then all u Bronchoe fans can drool over the ND failure

69xxJETSxx69: Hey azzhole u don't think they'd go back to Orton, before trying out glamour boy #2? They got the chick magnets in Denver. Tebow for the Christian girls, and Quinn for the  h o m o s.

Theismans Leg: Why does Quinn always have his mouth open? He looks like an idiot! If my daughter had a crush on him I'd ground her 'til the end of the season!

theblackesthole: Ryan Leaf > Tebow

Dear ESPN.com Article Comment Thread,
My wife is the breadwinner in our household and we'd both previously been okay with that, but with the economy going the way it is she's expressed displeasure for my lack of monthly monetary contributions. I feel I help out in important ways, too, such as cleaning, doing laundry, and making dinners. Stay at home parents made it work in past depressions, can't our household make it work now?
-- Staying Home In Houston

Dear Staying Home,

567heyyouguys: The best QB u can for the team is on the scout team....or a situational QB used for short yardage and goal line only, every one knos that.

theblackesthole: the entire league > Tebow

IMDUM80005: tebow is fukkin awe some in madden u guyz r crazy lmao im so dumb

theblackesthole: cancer > Tebow

Dear ESPN.com Article Comment Thread,
My girlfriend is a cat owner while I'm a longtime dog owner. We're thinking of moving in together for the first time, but fear that our polar opposite pet choice is just at the surface of more as-yet-unseen fundamental differences which would manifest themselves after moving in together. Any thoughts?
-- Drifting Apart In Appaloosa

Dear Drifting,

theblackesthole: Letterman > Leno > Tebow

theblackesthole: Being sexually harassed by Herman Cain > Tebow

JesusIsMyOffensiveCoordinator: Tebow is a good kid. When in the face of people mocking his shortcomings and possibly even his way of acknowledging his faith, he still remains very passive and at least to the public he is showing a certain level of composure and maturity. 

theblackesthole: Hitler throwing a dead gypsy's skull like a football > Tebow

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