Charlie Sheen Officially Fired

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Charlie Sheen was finally officially fired from his hit CBS show "Two and a Half Men" on Monday. Warner Bros. Television cited the hard-living actor's bouts of wild partying, repeated hospitalizations, and a bitter media campaign against his studio bosses as reasons for his long-expected dismissal. What do you think?

Kylie Washington 
"I've written several fan fiction scripts where a mysterious accident befalls Charlie and Jon Cryer's character becomes man of the house, so I know myself and the other fans at the 2andaHalfMeniacs.com message board can embrace this change.

Derek Collins
Systems Analyst
"At what point will it be revealed that this entire time we've been watching a cleverly disguised Joaquin Phoenix masquerading as an out-of-control Sheen for another Casey Afflect documentary?"

Fred Costanzo
"Now how about we all take this time to cool down -- reconnect with family, catch up on some reading, have a quiet night at home. You know, just kind of catch our collective breaths for a bit before Lindsay's trial coverage jumps into high gear."