Local Man to Just Sit There All By His Damn Self, He Guesses

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

OGDEN, UT -- Local father Christian Marcum guesses he'll just sit in the car all by his damn self on Tuesday, while his wife and kids go inside the Albertson's to quickly pick up a few things. Marcum, 45, implored his family as they were unbuckling their seatbelts to not worry, as he'd be just fine sitting there like an idiot, without anyone to keep him company. "I know it's a lot to ask that at least one decent person sit here and talk with their father," said Marcum, as his wife and three children were exiting the vehicle. Assuring his family as they walked towards the store to not even bother and ask if he wanted anyone at all to stay behind in the parked car with him, Marcum speculated that he wouldn't want to wait in a car with a goddamn leper, either.