'Joe the Plumber' Character to Make Guest Appearance In New Oil Leak Storyline

Monday, July 19, 2010

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Republican chair Michael Steele announced on Monday that the character 'Joe the Plumber', last seen by audiences in 2008, will be brought back for a multi-episode guest run later this fall in a new storyline centering around the BP oil well leak. "Real America's favorite plumber is back, and he's here to fix the leak that Barack Obama couldn't," explained Steele. "Make sure you tune in this fall, because Joe's got some other fixes in mind for America, along with his usual hijinks and maybe even a special sweeps week reunion with John McCain!" Sources say that while Joe's guest appearance could potentially capture that same ratings magic the Republican party felt after he was written into the plot of the 2008 election, if the cameo fails to garner both critical and audience acclaim then Steele could find himself out of a job. If the latter indeed proves to be the case, West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin could be a potential replacement, having previously been brought in by Republicans to rework scripts throughout the past decade, most notably Dick Cheney's dramatic wheelchair- bound appearance in 2009 at President Obama's inauguration ceremony.