New Scientific Study Seeks to Understand Why Farts Always Stink Worse In Shower

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

BOULDER, CO -- A new study is underway by a team of scientists from the University of Colorado at Boulder that hopes to solve one of mankind's oldest mysteries -- why do farts stink worse in the shower? The study is being headed by gastrointestinal sciences department chair Dr. Christian Moustakas, who last month received a $2 million research grant to analyze the supposed correlation between hot showers and super smelly farts. "Our hope is that this study can provide us with the answers as to why our farts are stinking so much harder in steamy showers," said Moustakas. "I remember once I farted in the shower and it smelled like old Chinese takeout, but I hadn't eaten Chinese food in months." While one early theory asserts that the water vapor easily attaches to the methane molecules which allows the nostrils to better absorb the smell, Moustakas and his team also plan on looking into the idea that the steam from the shower could somehow be "cooking" the fart.