Man Accidentally Plays Sim City Until 6:48am

Monday, March 8, 2010

LAKEWOOD, CO -- In what was only supposed to be a quick game to pass some time before going to bed on Sunday night, local resident and virtual mayor Chris Greinke accidentally stayed up until almost seven o'clock in the morning playing the popular PC strategy game Sim City 2000. Greinke, 28, was so deeply immersed in his game that the hours passed without any notice at all, causing great disbelief to Greinke when he inadvertently looked away from the computer screen for a split second to witness that morning's sun rise through his computer room window, an event he refused to believe until confirming the time of day by minimizing his game and checking the computer's clock. "I sat down at around 9:30pm intending to play for an hour or so," said Greinke. "But then came the fusion power plants, which led to the Archologies, which, while beautiful and futuristic and a wonderful place for 'Chriswood' residents to live, in turn create a lot more crime in that area so I obviously had to build more police stations in those zones, which caused the city budget to go up, which now that I think of it also created a big water problem because those stupid water pumps never give you a good amount of water and those Archologies need so much and the piping is so... my God, how long have I been talking? What time is it?"

Citing his girlfriend's declaration that he never again come to bed ten minutes before she has to wake up and go to work, Greinke decided Sim City 2000 isn't the best idea for some quick entertainment before bed, saying instead he thinks tomorrow evening he'll just try some of his other computer games, like Monopoly or Risk.