Local Man's Head Throbbing, Still Dizzy After Night of Riding Public Transportation

Thursday, March 4, 2010

CHICAGO, IL -- After a long, late night spent working at a theatre in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood that was capped with a forty-nine minute bus ride home, local resident Jesse Alkire woke up the next morning still feeling the effects of the previous nights nausea-inducing ride on Chicago public transportation. Alkire, 25, is a frequent rider of CTA's #22 bus, which makes 47 scheduled stops during Jesse's portion of the ride, not including the sudden stops and starts for traffic lights and stop signs, and is notoriously well-crowded in the evening often leaving only the undesirable aisle-facing seats available. "I knew I shouldn't have sat in the sideways seats on the bus ride home," said Alkire, his head still reeling from the motion-sickness he's felt since the Armitage street stop the previous night. "This is almost as worse as the time I rode in the backwards-facing seats on the 'L' train." Turning down an offer from his fellow theatre-mates to head to a nearby bar, Alkire instead chose to cram into another bus filled to capacity and head home, a choice he regretted with good measure the following morning. Vowing to put an end to this and get a hold of his life and his health, Alkire continued dizzily, "I just need to start taking my Dramamine before I get on the bus in the event that I'm put in a position where I cannot face forward with my eyes focused on the road ahead."