Audience Watching Bad Improv Group Forced to Make Up Laughter on the Spot

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

CHICAGO, IL -- An especially bad improv group left its audience scrambling on Tuesday night during the weekly Shim Sham Improv Jelly Jam at the Komedy Spurtz Theater, forcing those not on stage to quickly make up laughter right there on the spot. The consistently unfunny group, the Assaulted Nuts, stumbled their way through a fifteen-minute montage of bad British accents, humans playing all-too-realistic cats, and twelve obscure references to the 1989 film 'Turner and Hooch', leaving the audience to band together and create some laughter on the fly. "There were so many awkward pauses, especially after that crazy guy in the bowling shirt talked," said Martin Forsberg, an audience member. "So it was up to us in the crowd to fill in those gaps, and I think we were all able to do that thanks to some quick thinking and a little teamwork." While the audience displayed a remarkable ability to laugh off-the-cuff during the terrible show, even more extemporizing occurred later that night when a few audience members ran into several players from the Assaulted Nuts cast at the bar next door and had to quickly ad-lib some compliments on their performance.