Area Mother Always Just Refers to Actor Frankie Muniz as "Malcom In the Middle"

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

SACRAMENTO, CA -- Local teacher and mother to two, Gail Teahen, whether seeing actor Frankie Muniz on television or a magazine, always just refers to him as "Malcolm In the Middle". Muniz, 24, best known for his role as 'Malcolm' in the hit Fox series which was canceled over four years, has since appeared in several projects, none of which were all that impressionable on Mrs. Teahen. "Mom and I were sitting on the couch a few weeks ago reading magazines and she came across a picture of that guy and said, 'Oh hey, here's your friend, Malcolm In the Middle'", recalled Teahen's youngest daughter, Katie. "While he isn't that big of a star, you'd think by now she'd know Malcolm's real name. It starts with an 'F', right?"

The Teahen family watched Malcolm In the Middle when it was on television, but neither Teahen child developed such an attachment to the main character as their mother. "Mom called last year to tell me about this new show she'd been watching, Breaking Bad on AMC," said Mark, Mrs. Teahen's oldest son. "She couldn't remember the main character's name, she just kept saying, 'Malcolm In the Middle's dad is real good in it, you should start watching'." While her children acknowledge it will be tough to cleanse their mother of this annoying habit, they've decided to start off small and see if they can at least get her to drop the "In the Middle" and just refer to him as "Malcolm" for a while.