Ghost of Film Critic Gives Praise to 'The Bounty Hunter' From Beyond the Grave

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

HOLLYWOOD, CA -- The ghost of film critic Gary Sweeney, who was murdered in 2002, gave a favorable review on Friday for the new Columbia Pictures film ‘The Bounty Hunter’ from beyond the grave. The movie, starring Gerard Butler as a bounty hunter charged with the task of finding his ex-wife, played by Jennifer Aniston, was hailed from the afterlife by Sweeney, who exclaimed “Brightening the eternal darkness of purgatory that surrounds my lost soul, Aniston turns in yet another shining comedic performance!” Penning his review from the hereafter, Sweeney gave the film three and a half stars, thanks in part to its themes of redemption and the triumphs of the human spirit. “My restless spirit seeks a closure only an arrest can bring, please find my killer soon so that I may rest in peace,” said Sweeney. “And rest assured, this bounty-ful cast is sure to be in the hunt this coming award season!” Helmed by veteran director Andy Tennant (‘Hitch’, ‘Sweet Home Alabama’), Sweeney notes the film’s title can be rearranged to spell out the location of his still-missing body. “Aniston and Butler’s screen chemistry will be forever remembered and my consciousness will be forever in limbo unless you solve my murder,” Sweeney added. “Check room 336 at the Broadmoor Hotel for a vital clue, hurry!” ‘The Bounty Hunter’ is in theaters March 19th.